Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Olympic Peninsula

Turns out we do have some cell coverage out here in the wilderness at the Pacific coast.  Its a little slow, so I'll start with the current stuff and work my way back.  Might have to catch you up on earlier stuff later when I have a better connection.

So right now I have Mac parked on a ridge above Ruby Beach.  Here's the view from where I'm sitting right now.

We arrived at the campground in Kalaloch (pronounced Clay Lock) in the fog bank yesterday, but glad to see the sun shining and blue skies when we got up today.  Robin watched Theo for me while I took a long walk on the beach.  Just gorgeous, and has that wonderful iodine/kelp smell.  Lucious.  Its in the mid-60s in the shade right now.  Here are some shots from the beach.

Will post more later - this is slow… 

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