Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dawn's early light

Yep.  It was what I'd hoped it would be.  Beautiful light - esp. between 5 and 6 am.  They may show up too dark on the web, but we'll give it a shot!  This one was at 6 am:

You can see just a little bit of white snow.  Here's a 7 am shot.  That hour in between was fun to watch.

As it turns out, the spot I picked, did have a great view, but turned out to be not so hot otherwise…People were cutting through the back of it to go to the restrooms, there as a dumpster nearby and they would slam the lid, I was at an intersection, and there was a spot for people to park their cars to go walk the trail across from me… So I took a walk with Theo to see where we might move the next night… I screwed up my courage and started to chat with the people at the end who had the primo spot.  They were leaving at 6:30 the next morning!  My time of day!  So I moved there this am.  Its terrific.  Right on the river, private and still views.   Think I'll hang out awhile.  Here's the view from MY spot:

Oh yeah , another thing.  Last night the bathroom lights were on all night!  How's that for crazy?  Out here with one of the darkest skies...I think I'll make a $20 donation to the Park and suggest they buy some timers for the bathroom light switches!  I saw the Milky Way anyway. Clear night and no moon.  T likes the new spot…here he is contemplating a dip in that river...

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