Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Medicine - Day 1

Headed out yesterday along the scenic route 2 along the south side of Glacier National Park (GNP).  Found a nice campground in the Lewis and Clark National Forest.  Its only about a half hour from the Two Medicine entrance into the eastern side of GNP.  I prefer the National Forest campgrounds - roomier and dog friendly.  Here's a view nearby...

I got to the campground about 10 yesterday morning and got a good spot - lots of privacy and in the shade.  I got it registered and put a sheet on the table and a chair out so others would know it was taken.  Then I headed for GNP.  I drove the 10 minutes into the town of East Glacier Park - pleased to see I got phone reception there - but my heart sank when I saw the sign saying that no vehicles over 21' were allowed on MT 49, the road into Two Medicine.  Dammit!  Mac is just over at 24'.  

I got out and asked around and was told that its fine up to Two Medicine, it was after that that the road got narrow and winding.  As I was mulling it over, I saw several campers much bigger than mine head down the highway so I decided to go.  There was nothing in the GNP flyer saying you couldn't at Two Medicine.  Off I went with my fingers crossed.  No problems.

So I got to Two Medicine right at mid-day.  Was again greeted with overflowing crowds in the parkings lots… I got out and took a little walk around the parking area at the lake, it was beautiful…This was a view on the way in:

And this is of the lake:

But the crowds were annoying!  I headed out back through town and decided to stop and have lunch - one place had outdoor seating and were happy to have Theo hang out.  I got the BBQ chicken, baked potato, garden salad, and a bottle of beer.  Guess I was hungry!

Their sign said their huckleberry pie was voted best, so I tried a slice.  Not bad - tastes like a cross between blueberry and cranberry.

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