Saturday, February 23, 2013


We got a few lovely sunny days last week - just barely warm enough to be outside painting.  I decided to get my oil paints out (I usually work in acrylics when indoors to avoid the fumes).  Here's a panoramic marsh  I worked on.  Its 6" x 48."  I love to work outside.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Evening Tide

I'm recovering from a cold, so to ease back into the studio I decided to work on some marshes that were half finished.  With this one I decided to try to capture some of that feeling of iridescence seen on the river at the dawn and dusk of the day.  I used interference acrylics to get the effect.  Its an interesting start - I'm going to let it dry thoroughly and then see where to take it from here...  this is 12" x 48."


I've been working hard on a commission of two young girls... hopefully they are almost done now... in the evening I've been experimenting with the Sketch programs on my tablet.  There are so many possibilities with these different programs, I'm just scratching the surface.  Its great fun and a challenge. Here's one of my rudimentary sketches...