Monday, July 27, 2015

Choteau laundry musings...

It's a cold, wet, dreary day and T and I  are thankful to be cozy in our little Mac nest in Choteau, Montana.  Decided just to relax and enjoy electricity and Internet and phone for a day… its been awhile!

After doing the laundry yesterday (see the last two posts) I was reminded of a poem the late librarian in my home town wrote.  I asked my mom if she still had it.  She did!  …and sent it to me, so here it is for you…

      Light Versus Dark 

Agitated and spun, assigned to the dark confines of the drum  
It bears tortuous pains of drying: 
Tossing, twisting, tumbling,  Smothered in sear black heat 
No escape until the buzzer signals. 
The agony is finished. 
The wash has fallen in a heap -  limp, relinquished. 

Agitated and spun, hanging outside on the line 
The wash unfolds and billows in the breeze, 
Basking in sunshine, bleaching as it dries. 
Wrinkles smoothed by the wind and sun, 
It breathes, absorbs, is fresh and alive - 
Filled with fragrance from a day 
Spent in Nature’s company. 

                   - Minnie S. Simpson 1980

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