Friday, July 31, 2015

Another day in the "Naughty Lands"

…as you know from my previous post, since these hills aren't as rugged as the BadLands, I am calling them the Naughty lands…

Got a painting going!  Yay!  Here's my latest WIP (work in progress).

I kinda like this start - it feels a little looser than my previous ones and I had fun working on it.  (Its 8 x 24).  The blue-green streak in the lower third is the sagebrush.   It takes on many colors throughout the day, from white-grey to green to blue green…love it.

I did a "scenic route" in the park and saw some bison, some free-roaming horses, a Pronghorn (the park newsletter say these are not a deer or an antelope but a family all its own.  It is the fastest land animal in North American with speeds reaching 60 mph)… well my guy was just moseying along, a coyote in a prairie dog field… and then two turkeys passed my campsite.  Not bad!

Anyhow, enjoyed the Teddy Roosevelt National Park, now that I have a painting done, it must be time to move on!  So I'm getting Mac packed up.  Still studying the atlas to decide where next - stay tuned!  ; )

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