Monday, July 13, 2015

Hungry Horse!

Well, I just had to get out of the Glacier National Park campground.  I don't like feeling like a sardine… This is what it looked like as I was departing at 9am on Saturday.

I decided to explore 3 other spots within an hour of the park.  Got lucky with the first one - I had I feeling I was going to like it because its on the Hungry Horse Reservoir - love the name!  The campground is down a very bumpy dirt road - took me a half hour to go 6 miles, but its worth it.  I got the best spot with a wonderful view of the water and mountains on the far shore.

So, I went from this view out of the back of Mac at Glacier:

 To this view out the back at Hungry Horse:

(But note the doors are closed - not taking any chance with grizzlies!)

…and this view from the sliding side door:

The park still has families and is safe, but they are camping much farther away so we have our privacy…

The first night there a beautiful cloud formed and the wind kicked up, but we only got a spitting of rain…was kinda nice.

On a sunny day, the water approaches that gorgeous turquoise color - esp. close to shore.  I'm thinking that color is going to work its way into some of my paintings…just really thrills me.

Theo's appreciating a couple days of rest (except for that bumpy road!).  He was snoozing yesterday next to his "nose bouquet."

When it was chilly this morning (I had to put on my wool socks, tights and sweater - it was 56 degrees when I got up!), I was reading a little book I like called The Blank Canvas by Anna Audette.  There was one section that I'd like to share:

There's another level on which idea and subject are not synonymous.  These ideas are "merely" points of departure, the kernels from which greater units grow, the observations that trigger larger developments…They may be suggested quite suddenly by something seen at random outside of one's frame of reference, or the recognition of a previously unseen connection. 
I think that's one reason I like to travel and explore - it "fills the well" of ideas as an artist and gives me inspiration.

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