Friday, July 10, 2015

Another Day...

oops, guess this didn't post from Farragut State Park… so a little late…from day before yesterday...

After checking the forecast yesterday and seeing that the route I was planning to take was forecast to have "areas of smoke" I decided to spend another day here at Farragut State Park.  Theo needed a rest too. As I approached the park yesterday I noticed some smoke and assumed it was from the Canadian fires.  When I registered to camp though, I found out that there was a local fire too.  Parts of the park were closed but the campground was fine.  The next day they opened some of the day use areas, so Theo and I explored a bit yesterday.  Here was the view from the vista point.  You can see the mountains are a little hazy from the smoke.

It warmed up enough to take a little swim.  That felt great.

Today we are going to start meandering our way over toward Glacier.

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