Monday, July 27, 2015


As I wrote yesterday, I had Mac wide open and the laundry dried in the warm breeze…  We were seeking shade…  What a difference a night makes!  A cold front came through and its drizzling and 55 degrees this morning!

I was thinking that in a way it is a relief to have a rainy day in the flat plains after all of the grandeur day after day at Glacier.  I mean its hard work to keep admiring things every minute!

Yesterday I had Theo tied outside while I cleaned up Mac, and I heard a sound… he was in play mode with a kitten!  Poor T is confused about cats - Marite's hissed at him, Robin's cat and he tussled, and now this kitten walks right up to him.  He wasn't sure how to react.  I shoo'd the kitten off - didn't want any altercations… he kept coming back.  Finally I brought T inside and closed the sliding door.  Five minutes later the kitten crawled in through the driver's window!  Persistent bugger!

So, its a good morning to get the next leg of the itinerary planned, sip hot tea and stay cozy with Theo… Think we'll  head out mid-day for our next destination - not sure where yet, probably a state park somewhere in mid-Montana… stay tuned.

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