Friday, July 10, 2015

Logan State Park

Made it to Montana!  Stayed in the picturesque Logan State Park in Montana last night.  Got a nice spot by the lake.  This was the view from the back of Mac - slept with the back doors open.  The photo's a little dark because it was late in the day...

…and this was the view of the lake this morning.  I heard loons flying over - I love that sound.

I heard some frogs calling back and forth in the night.  I meant to ask the nice ranger there what they were.  I was listening hard to them this morning and thinking they sounded sort of like a weak boat motor trying to start up… I went outside to hear better and realized the camper next to me WAS trying to start his boat motor - hahahahahahaha.

When I arrived and commented that I had no phone cell reception and wouldn't be able to call my mom to let her know I'm ok, the ranger handed over her land line to let me make a call.  I told her she must be a mom.  "Yep."

I arrived safely in Glacier National Park today and am off to explore.  I'll blog more tomorrow when rain is forecast.  I'd kinda like to see some rain - haven't since Kansas - almost two months.

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