Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Medicine, Day 2

Ok, now I think I might be getting this figured out.  I decided I hadn't given GNP enough of a chance.  I had done like so many tourists and taken a photo and moved on.  I really want to spend time with these Glaciers and Mountains and get to know them a little better… like I did at Hungry Horse. 

As you know by now, I get up early.  So today I took advantage of that fact and headed out just after dawn to go back to Two Medicine.  It was a beautiful morning.  Nice clouds.

There is a train that goes by the campground, but its just far enough away that I kinda like it.  The one this morning was a double-decker!

On the drive in I saw a sign saying Watch for Stock.  Now I see why.

Well, my plan worked.  I got to Two Medicine at about 7:30.  No crowds… Glad to see the ranger station open.  Now I can tell Sam I got another stamp in my National Parks' Passport book.  Had a nice chat with the ranger.  And he even knew the NF trails near my campground (where I can take T) and told me how to find them.

They had this very artistic info board:

That wolf is stretching just like Theo does in the morning.

I drove around the picnic area and then down to the lake again, scoping out the best spot to park Mac and spend some time with a mountain.  I ended up liking the looks of Rising Wolf Mountain in the Morning light, so we parked with a view of it.

Theo got out and checked things out.  Had his moment of Zen…

I sat and watched for a couple hours.  Feel much better about it.  Think tomorrow I'll come even earlier and have my coffee there.  The ranger said its always open… I was wanting to sketch and only have a tiny sketchbook, so I decided to play around with one of the sketch programs on my tablet…its a start!

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