Saturday, July 4, 2015

More stuff from the Olympic Peninsula

There's so much to see out here that I  have more to report from our camping trip out to Kalaloch on the beach of the Pacific Ocean.

First of all, I keep getting confused between east and west out here because I am so used to having the ocean be to the east.  It feels strange to have it to the west.  Others from the east coast have told me they felt the same way when they first arrived.  So here is the sunset (not sunrise!) over the ocean as viewed from our campsite…

On our last day there I was out for my early walk with Theo and decided to take a picture using the timer on the cell phone.  The morning light was so faint that it came out as a silhouette.  Not what I'd planned, but I kinda like it.

Robin told me I needed to go see the nature trail.  It was only a mile long, but Theo not allowed… so she kindly stayed at camp with him and packed up while I took the walk.  Glad I did.  Look at these HUGE old cedar trees.

It was early morning, around 8 or so, and the light was just streaming in.  Magical.  You almost expect to see a hobbit sneak behind a tree.

It was still lush and green, but the effect of the dry warm summer was evident here too.  No snow melt running through the little streams, and the mosses were drier than normal.

On the previous day at Ruby Beach Robin had found some dried out jellyfish.  She brought one back and when I saw it I told her I had seen the same ones in the Marin Headlands a month ago.  Hers was dry and clear.  When I saw them in California they must have just washed up and were a gorgeous blue color.  Must have been a big loss of jellyfish to extend along the coast that far…isn't that a gorgeous shade of blue?  Just luscious.

We packed up leisurely and headed out.  I forgot to mention that on the way out here my phone rang.  Since its against the law to use the cell phone while driving (a good law!) I turned down a forest service road to pull off and see who called.  As we turned in a herd of Roosevelt Elk were in the road.  A big group of about a dozen including two babies!  So cool.  I wasn't quick enough with my camera.  On the way home we stopped by the Forest Service Visitor Center and  I bought a postcard so you can see one:

They also had a cool book that gave some info about the rocks on the beaches.  After my previous post about the rocks/stones, my mom emailed me that she did a little research, and technically we should be calling them pebbles.  Made sense.  So she's going to get a kick out of seeing this booklet I bought:

I  think my favorites are the ones that have lines of quartz running through them, on the upper right below.

Back at Sequim we are eating well, of course.  Fresh local smoked salmon and salad from the garden.

By the way, happy Independence day!  Independence is such a good thing, in so many ways.

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