Thursday, May 21, 2015

Watercolor studies

These are works in progress, but it felt good to get some creative juices flowing.  I like watercolors.  These are of a view on the way to Cape Royal in the Grand Canyon (I posted a photo a couple days ago).  I liked the composition and wanted to play around with "reserving the white paper" for the snow-capped mountain.

..and here's another, going more geometrically abstract...

One thing that really struck me on this visit was the distinct line that occurs at the top of the canyon.  Its where the trees meet the ridge, but its a beautiful crisp line.  I'll try to insert an arrow on the photo below to show you where I'm looking:

Its hard to describe.  There were a couple of guys with fancy cameras at Point Royal and I pointed that out to them and asked if they'd ever been able to capture that in a photo.  One of them looked, then looked at me and said he'd never even considered it (and it seemed that he wasn't about to either!)  Oh well!  It struck me as wonderfully beautiful.

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Nice zen watercolors - sounds like typical photographers as well - I especially like the last one with pine limbs