Saturday, May 23, 2015


…Santa Margarita Lake, to be exact…

What a lovely little county park - and dogs are welcome on the trails here (unlike the state parks, which I understand, but still…).

Long day getting here yesterday - I will report on it, but I have a slim internet connection here, so I'll start with now and then see how far back we can go!

When I drove up to the check-in booth for the park yesterday and they were looking up my reservation, she said "You got the best campsite in the park!"  I told her I had checked the satellite image online, esp. because I like shade for Theo.  It *is* a lovely spot.  I was a bit worried because the sign said no RVs larger than 20', but I knew the spot was 30' x 40' so I chanced it.  So glad I did.  (Mz. Mac is 24').  Its the last spot on a little hill with a 280 degree view all around and lots of privacy and old trees… Here's one of the views from my campsite, with the almost dried-up lake...

As we headed out on the walk, we were greeted with this sign.  We decided to eschew the back country trail and stick to the well-traveled lakeside trail!

Its going to be a wonderful spot to relax for a day or two…  Theo and I need a break.  He got his first proper walk this am, and now is snoozing away.  Here was one of the views from our walk.

The four-hour drive here took us about 6 hours - partly because we took lots of breaks, and I stopped in Bakersfield to buy a new coach battery for Mac.  We started out across the Mojave desert - I was hoping our 7 am start would avoid some of the wind.  Nope!  Strong headwind.  That slowed us down too.  I was doing 60 mph in a 70 mph zone…  Then as we come off the desert we head toward these beautiful hills - and at the base of them, hundreds of windmills!

I was admiring that beautiful cloud, until I had to drive through it going over the mountain!

Luckily it didn't last long, and I just followed the lights on a big mac truck - no problems… We got here!  As I said, I'm up on a little hill and from Mac I don't see campers - there are a bunch down below, but no one near me.  Quite nice.  : )

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