Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still Nevada...

Good morning!

I decided to get one more thing checked out on Mz Mac before crossing the Mojave desert, so Theo and I splurged and stayed in a hotel last night just outside Las Vegas.  No, we didn't play the slot machines, I had a long hot shower and went to bed early.

Trying to make use of this down time to play around with some watercolors.  Here's a shot of my setup.  (I have this cool little thingy that attaches to my cell phone - like a tiny tripod - so I can take photos with the timer.  For this one I set the cell phone up on top of the TV, zoomed in on the palette, hit the timer and ran back to the seat).  Theo thinks I'm nuts.

Hopefully I'll have a couple watercolors to post in a bit.

My mom asked me if I was lonesome.  I gave a resounding "No!'  Then we both laughed… I've been visiting people along the way, and will see more in the next section of the trip.  But I like time alone (not truly alone, I have my trusty companion Theo, of course) … and I have phone calls and emails daily with friends and family.  

I am also intrigued by how many people looked surprised when I told them I was planning the trip by myself.  I've found that towns across the United States are often quite similar in terms of friendly people. We Americans tend to be a friendly lot… and I've never been afraid in a state or national park - there are always other campers around and ranger nearby… I think maybe people are afraid because of what they see on TV, but that's not the real world.  I say  "Turn off TV, turn on life."

Theo says "Chew on a bone and take a nap."

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