Monday, May 18, 2015

Grand Canyon, day 2: Cape Royal

Theo and I got up really early again (guess that's easier when you're coming here from Eastern time).  The vistas of the Grand Canyon are so much nicer in the morning light, and without the crowds, and few people seem to get out early, thank goodness.

We took the slow winding road toward Cape Royal's "stunning vistas."  They are! … with many nice views along the way… I found this sign interesting:

Saw my first Kaibab squirrel!  They live only here - on the north rim and Kaibab forest.  He's a little fuzzy, but you can see his tufted ears and white tail.

Ok, later I went to the visitor center and bought a postcard of the Kaibab squirrel - here's what they look like:

This was one of the views en route, you can just make out the snow-topped Humphrey's Point in the background.  Its near Flagstaff, and is the highest point in Arizona...

…and here's part of the 280 degree view from Cape Royal.  Just can't do it justice.

Theo had to stay in the van - dogs aren't allowed on the trails here.  So now we're off for a little walk in a dog-friendly area.  Starting to cloud up!  Still cold!  Was 29 degrees this am…

Today would have been the 24th anniversary of my marriage with Jim.  That's one of the reasons I wanted to be here today, May 18.   Nothing like the ancient weatherings of the Grand Canyon to remind you how short our time is here.  Enjoy it!

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