Saturday, May 30, 2015

Foggy then Sunny Marin

Another pleasant day at my aunt's in Marin county.  As usual for the summer here, it started out foggy:

But it starts to burn off around 10.  Here's Mt. Tamalpais as the clouds are just leaving…

Its so nice to be able to relax and paint!  I don't have much to show for myself yet… here's a work in progress of my aunt's garden with Mt. Tamalpais in the background…  I've started a bigger one of the Reyes Point area - nothing to show for it yet...

I found a note I had made to myself on the trip here.  I was starting a "Top Ten Things I've Learned on the Trip so Far."  So far I only have 5, but here ya go:

10.  Despite the inconveniences, its good to bring your dog along.  (Especially such a GOOD dog as Theo).

9.  You know you're going slowly when you are passed by school buses (in the rain in Missouri).

8.  65 is fast enough (in a tall 24' RV - esp if there's wind).

7.  Wash your windshield EVERY morning (and when you get fuel - esp. in the scenic areas).

6.  It never hurts to have your freshwater tank at least half full.  You never know when you might be parking in a WalMart parking lot.

5.  Americans are friendly people (for the most part).

… I'll fill in the rest as I move along…  : )

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