Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sunny Marin..

Had a great visit with my cousin Ross and his wife Karen and kids Natalie and Ian.  I got a photo, but Ian had taken off… so here ya go:

Took T for a nice walk along a section of Stevens Creek park/trail that Ross has been active in forming… Theo was especially appreciative of the water fountain that included a dog bowl.  Pretty snazzy…

Yesterday he gave me a tour of the house they've been remodeling in Carmel.  They did a tremendous job - its beautiful.  Here's the view from the dining room:

…and I really like a combination of patterned stone and wood they used around the fireplace and bar:

I spent the night at their Mountain View home and then T and I snuck off early before the rush hour traffic and headed toward San Fransciso to see my aunt in Marin county.  I stopped at a sunny Vista point on the way and looked at the San Francisco fog I was going to descend to.  Spooky!

I was a little early, so Theo and I decided to stop at the Marin Headlands and admire the ocean and have a late breakfast.  It was beautiful.

There were some guys surfing.  I asked one of them what the water temperature was:  54 degrees.  I said "You guys are tough!"  His reply:  "Nah, this is warm, its when it gets down around 48 that it starts getting cold."

Braver souls than I!

Then we came on over to my aunt Helen's.  So good to see her.  She saved a good spot for Mac to park.  She was happy to see me too!  Woo hoo! 

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