Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Theo and I bid adieu to the Grand Canyon yesterday… took a little walk before the long drive to Nevada.  Love the aspen trees.  (Remember you can click on an image to see it larger).

Then we hit the road for Lake Mead, Nevada (near Las Vegas).

The lake was really really low.  I've been seeing that a lot on this trip.  Many of the river beds through Utah and Nevada were completely dry.

I stopped at a campground about an hour from Las Vegas.  There was no shade, it was 80 degrees and rather barren.  Theo and I decided to push on down the road another hour… That took us to the "Lake Las Vegas" campground, also within the Lake Mead National Rec Area.  This one was like an oasis in the desert! 

 A little strange, but Theo and I were glad to find some shade.  And there were some mountain views.  I pointed out to him that we went from 28 degrees that morning to 82 degrees that afternoon.  It cooled down nicely at night though.  We slept well...

However, the cold at the Grand Canyon must've done in the battery in my coach (the one that runs the RV stuff like the water pump).  I'll need to stop in Henderson this morning and swap it out for a new one.  

Then, it's "California, here I come!"  Theo says "Woof!"

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