Thursday, May 28, 2015

Point Reyes

My Aunt Helen provided her usual gracious welcome to her sunny home in Marin county.

When I went down to the guest room, this sweet bouquet greeted me…

… and to go even further - even though she is a cat person - she researched dog-friendly spots for us.  So very kind!  So we headed out to Point Reyes today, only to find that there were specific seasonal closures to dogs because of the different needs of wildlife, such as the mating season of the northern Elephant seal.  

Theo certainly understood, he wasn't going to go down any trails that bothered mating seals, so we stayed off the trails.  It was a bit windy and chilly too, which aided our decision!  But the view was spectacular, and very inspirational.  And from Chimney Rock we were able to hear the seals, and see them through the Binoculars...  then Aunt Helen held Theo for me while I walked a ways down the path to see the seals at closer range.  Way cool.

On the way back we stopped by the Estero section of Point Reyes.  The wild mustard was blooming.  Helen said many of the flowers blooming were ones that normally bloom in July, not May.  I think we are witnessing the effects of too many humans using too many resources on this small planet.  Its painful to me...

But anyhow, we are carrying on.  Aunt Helen was very sweet to take me on this excursion.  And topped it by buying me lunch at a dog-friendly Mexican restaurant on the way home, and then picking up fresh Dungeness crabs for dinner tonight.  Lucky me!

But on a sad note to the day, I just heard that my brother was in a bike accident in Missouri and has to go in for hip surgery.  He's a healthy, resilient guy, but I'm sending him some good energy and healing thoughts.  He has been feeling so good lately, I'm so sorry this happened.  LOVE YOU Pete.  Hang in there.  

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