Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome to Wisconsin!

Barb and I stayed at Pattison State Park the last couple of days.  We left our last campground in Minnesota intending to stay at another park in Minnesota, in the Savannah National Forest, only about an hour away… we got there, drove about 5 miles down a gravel road, only a few campers there, but when we got out of the van, Theo was nearly carried off by the triangular flies!  Ack!!!!  Nope, not for us.  We dove back into Mac and spent 5 minutes swatting flies, then got out the atlas to check our options… Pattison was only another hour and a half.  We took off.

Was a pleasant surprise.  We were able to get a campsite and they had nice trails on which dogs are allowed and "root beer" colored waterfalls.  That description didn't sound appealing, but the falls were lovely.

These are the highest falls in Wisconsin.

Got some watercolors started there today, but nothing to show for it yet… stay tuned!

They didn't want dogs in the picnic area, but they were allowed on the trails, so they gave you a dog path to follow to the trails.  Pretty cute.

It was pretty rainy most of the time, but not hard enough that you couldn't walk in it.  Then as we started to pack up today, the sun came out.  That was nice, no fun to pack a tent in the rain.

Onward!  Eastward!  Towards the sun...

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