Friday, August 14, 2015

45th Parallel

Hi there !

Today Barb, Theo and I crossed the 45th parallel - halfway between the north and south poles.  Why do I find those kind of things kinda cool?  Dunno, but I do…

Really enjoyed the U.P. (upper peninsula) of Michigan.  I remember going there as a child camping and  staying in a cabin with childhood friends.  The water is just delicious for swimming (when its hot out).

Got a nice dip at a rest stop (!) in the U.P. yesterday.  I went in for a swim in crystal clear  Lake Superior waters while Barb took T for a walk/wade.

So refreshing.

We didn't make reservations, so just headed on down the highway and tested our luck.  It was a Thursday so we thought we'd be ok.  We landed at Lake Michigan State Park and scored a nice spot.  The park is between the highway and Lake Michigan, but we were pleased to find that the traffic almost stopped at night.  Quite quiet.  And our campsite was just behind a dune from a nice beach on Lake Michigan.

Despite a forecast for rain, we were treated to a lovely sunset, which we viewed from the dune between our campsite and Lake Michigan.

Campsite # 5, just beyond the dune is Lake Michigan

Sunset from Lake Michigan Campground

Ok, so now I have to ask you about Pasties. There are all sorts of UP jokes about them… they are a delicious but very heavy sort of meat pie thingy.  Evidently the miners in the old days in the UP took these with them into the mines to give them energy to get the work done.  I can believe it!  I needed to plow through about a thousand calories after eating one… buy, hey, when in  Rome…

delicious Pasty filled with meat, potatoes, rutabaga, yummies...

But you have to be VERY careful how you pronounce the name of this delectable…

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