Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Of sunflowers and oil, and the Missouri River...

Headed out of Theodore Roosevelt on Sunday.  Decided to take the "scenic route" (of course!) which went up along the eastern edge of the park for a ways, and then turned east.  I drove past huge sunflower fields!

…and oil fields…

…not so beautiful.
…and a lot of cattle country.  There are lots of flies in North Dakota!  Glad I have my screens.

Found a sweet little campground on the "untamed section" of the Missouri River - that's how their website described it, because its not dammed here.  The water is much less muddy than other sections I've seen.  Theo liked it.  Me too.

There were no other campers there on a Sunday evening, so Theo got to go off leash for a bit.  I was just starting to think it might be just a little TOO empty, that maybe I should go up to the busier campground, when a truck pulling a boat with a bed load of kids and a dog pulled in and set up camp at the other end of the campground - just far enough away to still feel private, but nice to have someone else around.  Now it was just right… and I have electricity and internet - yay!

I collected another water sample for the water ministry (see my previous post).

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