Monday, August 10, 2015

Amnicon Falls, Wisconsin

Barb, Theo and I really enjoyed Amnicon Falls for a couple days.  The river is flowing well, and lots of the "root beer" colored water was flowing over rocks and falls.  

Although the color of the water is not as enticing to me as the crystal clear waters of the Rockies and west coast, the temperature was much more appealing.  Yesterday was my birthday, so of course I had to take a birthday dip…Here are my root beer feet as I was going in.

Such a pretty coppery color - I thought maybe it would give my hair a nice shade of red ; )

Guess that would take quite a few more dips… Barb watched Theo back at camp while I had MY moment of Zen in the river.  He was happy to see me return, all drippy wet.

Got a cute little sketch of Barb done on a postcard when we were at the last park - she was curled up under a blanket reading outside…

This park is unusual in that there is a little restaurant to which one can walk - perfect for a birthday dinner!  …and they had outdoor seating which accommodated Theo.  So the three of us walked up along a wooded trail to go there last night and Barb bought me a birthday dinner at Charlie's Riverside Tavern.  

We've been eating so much healthy food that we decided to dive in to some onion rings…fresh, hot and home made.  The entire meal was much better than we had anticipated.  Fresh food well prepared.  Yum.

I hope to get another dip before we leave - I want to go behind the little falls at the other end.  We plan to do that on our way out today… Then we are off to see Lake Superior!  The sun is out and its warming up - you want it warm up there!  Water is so BRRRRRR cold.  Can't wait.  : )   … and I really want to see a porcupine.

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