Thursday, August 20, 2015


Home sweet home.  Grateful to have made it home safely.

The second thing I did when I got home (the first was to hug my mom) was to head out to *my* river and throw the cast net.  It was almost high tide and I "had a feeling."  In 3 casts I had enough shrimp for several meals!  Beautiful fall green tails.  Here's a shot of them in my white 5-gallon bucket - so beautiful!

Beautiful welcome home - fresh shrimp for dinner.

So that combined with my stop at a farm stand where I got fresh local okra, corn and summer squash means we shall be eating well tonight.  Gonna sign off and catch up with my mom for now, but will post more tomorrow on the end of the grand adventure…

BTW, Theo and I have a long tradition where I open the window at a certain point a couple miles from home, and say "Mill Creek turnoff!"  I did that today and he hopped up and started wagging his tail… then he stuck his nose out the window and sniffed and sniffed.  He knew where he was.  He's glad to be home, too.

Gee, can't a guy get some rest without having his photo taken?

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