Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marquette, Michigan

Back on Eastern time!  Must be getting closer to home.  Barb and I kept looking at our phones yesterday to see when it switched, but we didn't have good phone reception so it didn't happen.  Too silly.

We arrived in Marquette yesterday.  Ahhhhh, how nice to be connected to the Internet again, but awwww kinda sorry to leave the beauty of the un-connected wilderness area.  Always a trade off.  Barb found us a nicely wooded campground run by the city of Marquette.  We got a great spot with some privacy and electric.  Unfortunately, everyone decided to have a campfire last night and the air was thick with smoke…Lots of noisy people too.  Oh well!  I didn't hear them in Mac, but Barb didn't get much sleep out in the tent.

We are only a half mile from Lake Superior so we followed a nice bike trail up there yesterday afternoon.  The water is so beautiful.  I finally got my dip (it was 80 degrees here -  a little easier to face that cold water).  T got his moment of Zen too.

Pretty pebbles in the clear Lake Superior waters.

I was reminded of a bumper sticker I saw in the Olympic Peninsula:

"The great lakes - salt free and no sharks"

They should also say crystal clear and cold .  Scrumptious!

Would you really want to go straight?

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