Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adieu North Dakota

Barb arrived safely in the wee hours of the morning and now we are off to Minnesota.  Haven't decided which park we're going to yet, but there are lots of choices in the 10,000 lakes state.

Stayed in a campground in a park in Fargo last night.  Wasn't bad - right by the river, but lots of traffic noise of course.  Shared a glass of wine with a nice couple from Quebec who are camping next to me in their VW camper van.

Here's Theo taking in the scents…

A little boy about 9 years old was fishing across the drive from my site.  His father and brother were about 30 feet further down…He sat there about 15 minutes and then called out to his dad:  "Well, it seems this is more a mental sport than a physical sport."  Smart kid.

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