Monday, June 8, 2015

Theo has a day of rest.

We woke up to a cool sunny morning in Portland yesterday… but the forecast was for a heat advisory in the afternoon.  So Theo and I got out for our walk in the morning (of course!) and then decided to have a restful day at Kathy's out of the heat.  I did a bunch of research on Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  Theo got some much-needed rest…

Theo at 9am
Theo at 11am

Theo at noon
Theo at 1pm
Theo at 5pm
Theo at Bedtime:  "Hi!  Now I'm awake!"


Got a nice photo from my Aunt Helen - she took this shot of my little studio set-up on her porch.

And Kathy sent me this one she took along the Oregon Coast…

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