Friday, June 26, 2015


…or are they stones?

We had a discussion about that today.

Anyhow, I'm enjoying them.  I remember collecting some along the beach when I was here before.  I remember especially liking the ones with the thin white lines through them, like this:

And when I arrived here I admired one of Robin's collection's on her windowsill.

And on the island in her kitchen.

And in her yard - this is just one of many little collections:

You who know me can probably see why I like it here.

When we were walking on the beach yesterday Robin mentioned that the last time I was here I found a stone that she really liked.  When she said she was jealous of it, I gave it to her…  that was nice.  So later when she found this beauty, the pick of the day, I told her I was jealous.   She immediately handed it over.  I told her I was joking, but she wouldn't take it back, even though I was (half) kidding.  Anyhow, now its MINE, all MINE!

Rock of the day, side 1

Rock of the day, side 2

Jealous, eh?  Yep, its a beauty.  I can see a whole a mountain range in side 2.  And the rock (stone?) is only 2 1/2 inches wide.

Today was a nice lazy day.  Old man Theo needed to rest up.  He snored most of the day, while I painted on the north deck in the shade and cool breeze.  Michel's daughter Isabelle joined me for awhile - she has a good artistic eye - so we enjoyed that.  I had left Robin with a sketch the last time I was here:

I decided it needed some more "juice" so I worked on it today.  Not sure I improved it any...

So he needs some more work, but at least he's a little more colorful cheerful, and that's a good thing.  

Tomorrow we run errands for our camping expedition and will head out Sunday, hopefully after the other campers go home.

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