Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Arrived at my cousin Carolyn and husband Greg's place yesterday.  Theo's glad to be back in a house again.  Their yard is lovely - here's Mac parked out front.

Their big back yard is fenced, so Theo can hang out, and they have a garden with strawberries, raspberries, snow peas, spinach, herbs, swiss chard, and more.  We eat well here!  Here's Carolyn picking some strawberries for me yesterday… See the gorgeous Douglas Fir in the background.

Had our vegetarian dinner al fresco… when I tried to get a group shot, Carolyn tried to get Theo to look at the camera by holding out a spoon with some yogurt on it… Good luck with that!


This morning Carolyn, Theo and I get a walk through part of Corvallis.  Carolyn showed me this gorgeous row of Elms that escaped Dutch Elm disease.  

…and this sculpture - here's the back:

… and here's the front!

Here's a close-up.  Great fun!

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