Friday, June 5, 2015


Landed safely in Oregon last night.  Had a restful night at Bullard's Beach State Park.  Oregon parks are more dog-friendly, so T and I had a really nice walk this morning - even through a little maritime forest…

Coming up the coast of California yesterday we saw some incredible views of the Pacific.  Finally also found a beach where I could take T down to sniff the ocean…

We stopped in Bandon and found a seafood place.  Bought a big cooked Dungeness crab and cole slaw to go for dinner.   When we reached camp I also made some pasta and used the fresh basil that Aunt Helen planted for me (mine froze in the Grand Canyon).  Quite a wonderful repas! 

Kathy's been staying in the tent.  Theo really likes tents for some reason, and keeps sneaking in there.  Go figure!

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