Thursday, June 4, 2015

Northern California

Headed out of Larkspur on Monday for Ky-en Campground on  Mendocino Lake.  My stepmom Kathy came down to Larkspur to ride with me a few days…

It was so beautiful at Ky-en that we decided to spend a second night.  Got started on a painting, but still needs work… Here's a photo of the lake early one morning.

There were lots of birds, including the Acorn Woodpecker, California Quail, white-breasted nuthatch, western bluebirds.  We also heard a low croak of what I think is the Green heron (wasn't a night heron) in the trees… great fun and relaxing.  Even took time to make some Jiffy Pop popcorn over the campfire.  Theo likes popcorn ; )

(i know, i know, I need to throw out my favorite purple tights - I was wearing my painting clothes…)

We left there yesterday and headed north on 101.  I decided against the narrow foggy coastal route 1 in the RV.  Too stressful.  Route 101 was lovely too.  We headed through wine country and then into the Redwoods.  Took a detour through the Avenue of the Giants…

Then we meandered on a little further… here's a rest stop along the way to show you the country through which we were traveling.

Then we headed down from the mountains to the coast at Eureka.  Here's the view of Humboldt Bay as we came through:

We ended up at Patrick's Point State Park.  Gorgeous!  I could hear sea lions from the campsite and smell the fresh salty air.  Alas, no dogs on the trails, so had to take turns with Kathy to hold Theo and check out the views.  Here's our campsite:

And two minutes up the trail was this view:

It is all so lush and green - such a welcome relief after the drought below (though I know this area is dryer than usual too…).  Even the sign post had moss growing on it...

Now we went to an overlook to run the generator so I could get the blog out.  Check out the view from here!  Spectacular…

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