Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seattle - Olympic Sculpture Garden

Theo and I have enjoyed another sunny cool day (sorry, friends and family in NC's heat wave) outdoors with Marite at the Olympic Sculpture Garden on the Puget Sound.  Gorgeous!  Here's one of the first ones we saw - its a wave and I'm sorry to say I didn't note the artist - shame on me!  I'll look it up later and come back and add it…  but it was way cool.

Then we came upon a black sculpture, and I really liked the description the artist gave.  Reminded me of my friend Lenore who loves the rich color black.

The park was in a beautiful spot on the Puget sound.

Marite and Theo quickly became pals, of course.  I like this shot I got of the two of them.

Then Theo got his moment of Zen in the Puget Sound…. ahhh…..

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