Thursday, June 18, 2015

Columbia River Gorge

Headed out of Corvallis on Tuesday for the Columbia River Gorge.  Only a two-hour drive, so a pretty easy day. The campground was full a few days ago but I looked again on Monday and there must have been a cancellation because one spot was available and it was one of the best ones!  Yay!  I booked it for three days.  Carolyn decided to come join me on the second day… So here we are!  Lots of waterfalls in the area.  (Remember, you can click on a photo to make it bigger).

It's a nice shady spot.

Theo and I had a nice morning walk along "Trail 400" of the Columbia River Gorge trail system.

I decided to get Mz. Mac cleaned up - she was a bit of a mess:



There, that feels better!    All ready for Carolyn to join us.  She did and brought good eats.  Then we headed out in her car to see a waterfall.  We decided to hike the 3/4 mile in to see Elowah Falls.  A nice hike and beautiful high falls…

See the person in the green shirt on the bottom left?  Gives you a scale of the falls.  Lovely greens.

On the hike back we caught a few glimpses of the river gorge below.

Back at the ranch, Theo and Carolyn stretched out to relax...

And Carolyn found a new way to bird watch!

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