Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seattle to Sequim

Had a restful morning chatting with Marite yesterday before heading over to Sequim.  She brought out an old photo album.  Here she is with my older sister Sue and me back in 1972 when I was 9 years old.  

Then Theo and I loaded up in Mac and continued our journey.  We caught the ferry across Puget Sound.

And meandered our way over to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula where my BFF Robin lives with her boyfriend Michel and his daughter who is visiting.  Their place is in a beautiful spot, and Robin had scoped out a spot for Mac in her back yard (she has a couple acres with horse fields behind).  So we are parked in a nice private spot with the breeze flowing through.  Here's the view from behind her property with her house in the shadows on the right and Mz Mac in the field on the bottom left, and the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Here's the view from her front porch:

…and their gardens:

Theo has the run of the yard and is learning to leave the cats alone and not to chase the chickens…He found his favorite spot in the shady corner of the deck just outside the kitchen window where he could smell the flavors wafting from French chef Michel's cooking.  Ahhhhhhh…..  Think we'll hang out here a few days.

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