Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another day in Sequim

Ok, I won't tell my friends and family in sweltering North Carolina that it's 76 degrees out.  It will be between you and me…and I certainly wouldn't let them know that its going to be 58 tonight.  Will just keep that to myself.

I woke up at dawn this morning and admired the light on Robin's house.

After a leisurely breakfast, I called an auto glass repair place to see about fixing a ding I got from a rock in Mac's window.  They said to come on by, so Robin, Theo and I headed on in to take care of that.  Insurance covers it because they'd much rather you stabilize a little ding than repair the entire window if you ignore it, so it was covered without consideration of my deductible.  "Brian" got right on it and got Mz. Mac fixed.  He basically affixes a suction cup to the windows and then injects a resin into the crack.  Robin asked him:  "How do you know how much pressure to apply?"  He responded:  "When a large crack extends out from the spot then you know that's too much."  har dee har har…  luckily no such cracks appeared.  Phew!

So that's done.  Then we came on back and Michel was preparing lunch for us - yum!

Perfectly roasted chicken, pesto angel hair pasta, salad fresh from the garden, fresh french bread…are you drooling yet?

We decided to brave lunch on the front porch - I put Theo's leash on and kept him away from the cats.  He went right to sleep by my chair.  The cats weren't quite so sure…they both kept a watchful eye on him.

After lunch we relaxed and chatted on the deck.  I got the watercolors out and just sort of doodled, but it got those creative juices going.  Here's a work in progress of the house at dawn...

… and a little abstract start, inspired by a tidal pool.

Later this afternoon, Michel and Isabelle went off on an adventure, and Theo, Robin and I went to the local Port Williams Beach (a couple miles from Robin's house).

Beautiful rocks on the beach.

We kept finding ones we liked.  I put them in the back pocket of my jeans.  Pretty soon I was weighed down.  Robin said we were at "Rock Bottom."  Think so…

By the way, did I mention Robin has cherry trees in her yard?  I think the cherries are delicious, but they keep telling me they will be perfect in a week…

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