Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glorious day

Yesterday was wonderful. Started the day with a hike partway down into the canyon by the Kaibab Trail. Wasn't sure how far I could handle so went about a half hour down and then an hour to climb back out. Spectacular views!

Headed over to Cape Royal in the afternoon. There were lots of little overlooks on the drive there, all with incredible views of another side of the canyon. Then the grand finale of Cape Royal where you can see it in 300 degrees (not quite 360). Think I found a good spot to go back and paint today, where I can probably sneak Theo in with me. He had to stay in Max, poor baby, but he's getting used to it.

This is a shot of Angel's Window, on the way to Cape Royal. There's no way to capture the grandeur in a photo (esp. on a cell phone) but it gives you a hint...

Yesterday would have been the 19th anniversary of my marriage to Jim, so he was on my mind alot, of course. I'm so glad he left me a note (to read in case he died before me) telling me basically to get on with my life, that his only wish was for me to "flourish in the many ways in which I'd dreamed." I'm taking his advice and moving on - enjoying life. He showed me how short it is!


Kath Anger said...

Thanks for sharing, Sal. Beautiful and inspiring views. Jim is smiling.

Camilla said...

Hi, Sally,
We've been looking at your photos of your trip--this is one of my favorites--with all the pinks and golds, which you capture so well in your sketchbook. I took a small trip out to Colorado to see my sister last month, and we saw the Rio Grande canyon, a mini-version of the Grand Canyon, but still incredible to this east coaster. Thinking of you and Jim a lot this month, and glad you and Theo had a great adventure. Camilla