Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dulce Domum

Its good to be home. My mom had fresh crabmeat and a cold Bass ale waiting for me - she'd even tied roses to the gate to welcome me and Theo. Even Max seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as we pulled in the drive - like he was heading to his stable... it was full spring when I left just over a month ago, and now its full summer... Deep lush greens. Still I feel like I left a part of me out west, I'll have to head back out there...what's next, a road trip to the west coast? Time will tell.

I like this shot I took tonight - its almost dreamy with the hydrangeas in bloom and Theo fuzzy to the left as he lolls in the grass... that hound traveled thousands of miles with me (I'll figure up the mileage tomorrow, I'm curious)... let's hear his thoughts...

Theo: "Oh man, I was just getting comfortable splayed out on this big mattress all to myself...ok, well, I have to admit I never thought I'd see my yard again. I had so much ground to cover when I got home - nobody with a decent nose would've known it was mine! They will now though. I got kinda used to Max, but when she headed out there again tonight I stayed well behind. Not getting me back in that van tonight, no sir. I'm comfortable right here...zzzzzzz"

He's out. I'm not far behind. What a great trip! Now I have to get prepped to go to Philadelphia next week for the Rittenhouse Square show - woo hoo!

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