Monday, May 17, 2010


Hiked the 30 minutes out to Angel Point this morning to see the "true" Grand Canyon, not just the offshoot where I'm camped. Ok, everyone's right, you just can't describe it and the photos don't do it justice. I was lucky to get there in a lull, and actually had about 30 minutes to myself out there on the point. It was about 9am so all of the sunrise seekers were done. I'm sure the light is gorgeous at sunset, but then its packed with people, and I really like the solitude... so it was a glorious morning.

When I was there, there was practically no wind, and bright sun. Very quiet, could hear a few flies buzzing... I can see why people make pilgrimages to see this spot. Now the sky has clouded and the wind has picked up. I'm pleased to be cozy in Max looking at the view through the open side door. Amazed that I have excellent phone/mifi reception up here... now the forecast has changed and there will probably be a little snow tomorrow! No accumulation and it will come right back up to the mid-60s on Wednesday, but could be fun to see.

Here's Theo's take:
Well, I'm a little miffed that I can't walk the trails and have to stay in Max alone some, but I'm getting used to it. And today while we were walking along the edge of the campground I was just starting to get hot and pant, and then I discovered this little flat pile of snow. Gave it a sniff, then a bite and then rolled! Oh glorious coolness! Dragged my hot belly across it. Made me want to run like a mad dog - woo hoo!

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