Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ocracoke trees

After my productive week I decided to hop in my camper van Max on Friday and take my dog Theo over to Ocracoke for a night. We stayed in the one campground that is open year round. Early Saturday morning I looked out the window and saw the sunrise colors coming through a line of trees. One section of the trees really started to look like the profile of a face - and then it appeared to be in an embrace. I tried to capture it in my sketchbook.

Jim and I made a week-end trip to Ocracoke last May, a couple weeks before he died. We walked the lovely Springer's Point trail there. When we got back Jim said "That's a wonderful trail. The NC Coastal Land Trust did a great job with that. We should send them more money." That was one reason I chose the Land Trust to be the recipient of memorial donations in Jim's name. I related the story to Camilla, their director. I was surprised, pleased and moved when she later informed me that they had decided to name the trail at Springer's Point after Jim.

So, I felt the need to go walk the trail. It was lovely. One of the things I like about the trail is the creative way in which the boundaries are maintained. They have made natural fences out of driftwood and people over time have decorated them with shells, feathers, and other found objects from the beach. I added to it. It feels like a sort of pilgrimage for me somehow.

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