Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meet Max

Its been a good week. I've worked steadily on a commissioned painting and its coming along well. Since I don't post images of commissions (unless I get permission), I thought I'd take this moment to introduce Max. Max is the 10-year old camper van I bought to use as my "Mobile Art X-scape (MAX)." Jim and I had been looking at these Roadtreks, they are a neat design. Only 20 feet (they fit in a standard parking spot) but are fully self contained (Yep! There's a marine toilet in there too, in addition to the stove, refrig, heat and ac).

I've already taken Max down to Florida and up to New York. Now I'm planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in May. Jim and I were planning that as our next trip. Theo (our black lab - greyhound mix) and I have decided to go...more on that later...

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