Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moving Colors

As you know, I've been working this last year on this show about my cross country travels, which I've entitled "Moving Colors" (which will be at the Craven County Arts Council - Bank of the Arts in New Bern in May - June. The opening is scheduled during the ArtWalk on Friday, May 13 from 5 - 8 pm.   Hope to see you there!...The show is evolving from a travel documentary of paintings created along the way, to larger paintings worked up from the studies. Then I realized it would be so cool to push it beyond to more of the reaction and emotion to the beauty of the journey. So that's what has swallowed up my time for awhile now. Here's a recent painting inspired by ….well, let's see what you think inspired it along the way…what do YOU see?


Julie Wiley said...

Hi Sally, I love the idea of your Moving Colors. To me, this could be the dramatic colors of blowing wildflowers seen on a hike before the stage of a beautiful blue sky. Or maybe the blue is a rolling river from the summer melt off of a mountain's snow. The west has a vibrancy of colors in the summer and they are always moving and changing with the sunrise, sunset, blowing winds and rivers' waters. On a side note, I wanted to let you know that we bought one of your paintings years ago when you were doing a demo at the gallery in Southern Village in Chapel Hill. You let my daughter help you paint the lips and eyes of the portrait you were painting. The interesting thing is that my daughter, who was probably 6 (?) at the time and is now 16, has grown up to resemble the woman in that portrait. Consequently the portrait is very meaningful to us for many reasons.

Sally Anger said...

Oh Julie,

How nice to hear from you again. I remember painting with your daughter at Southern Village. She is so bright! So happy to hear from you about the new Moving Colors series. I love your insights. Thank you... and thank you for submitting a comment (I know its a cumbersome process on gmail…). Isn't that interesting about the portrait?… how amazing. Hope to see you again.
~ Sal said...

Well Mz. Sally they are very moving and emotional colors. And they flow, color has such a emotional impact when you remove the subject matter, for me the impact of the colors used becomes so much greater. I'm so reminded of the abstract things I see when you look out into the universe and see such abstract matter like nebula's and large clusters of stars, and galaxies, mingling with one another. When your using your medium abstractly, the design and the color, one just feels the work and ponders the emotional things that come into one's mind. I hope you have a great show - the work is wonderful and really needs little explanation except to experience it - I hope you've enjoyed the adventure - when's the next one?
Have fun telling your stories about the art Friday with your friends =Peter=

Sally Anger said...

Wow, Pete, what an insightful comment. Thank you! I feel like I've just scratched the surface in this new series and am looking forward to diving in deeper. I love the rich, deep color too. Its "moving" on many levels.