Sunday, June 22, 2014


The shrimp are running in our river right now.  I can go out my front door at high tide and get over 30 in a single cast of the net!  That will never cease to amaze me.  We've been enjoying many shrimp meals, esp. a hot Thai soup I make that uses the heads to make the broth.  The shrimp have to be super fresh and they are and its delicious… they are beautiful creatures too.  Michael and I were admiring them and I said "What a thing of beauty."  His reply:  "Why don't you paint it?"  Why not indeed… so I thought it might be fun to make it REALLY BIG too - so here is my 4 x 5 FOOT painting of a shrimp. I'm taking it in to Spouter's Restaurant next week for them to display.  Go take a look if you're in Beaufort.  Great fun.  I have to remember how much I enjoy painting BIG.  Quite liberating.

By the way, have you ever seen shrimp swim?   Watch here.

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