Friday, May 18, 2012

Returning from another Westerly Adventure

Went back out to South Dakota to see Michael's beautiful and smart daughter Aly graduate.  We had a great trip, saw many state parks along the way.  Of course we camped in Max, and Theo got to go.  We decided never to go more than 300 miles a day, and to stop and see the beauty along the way... With a 3200 mile trip, that can take awhile!    But so much more fun to have time to take a morning hike before getting in the van to drive... and to set up camp before sunset, and take time to enjoy a camp fire.  We're back home and I'm busy preparing for an Art Show this week-end, but will be ready to get back on the road for more adventures soon.  My mom is calling me a gypsy!

Here's a view from Hanging Rock State Park - our last stop on the tour...

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