Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neusiok woods

I run or walk a section of the lovely Neusiok trail in the Croatan National Forest almost every day with my dog Theo. Michael goes too, but he runs a lot faster so he is soon way ahead... Theo stays with me and we enjoy our slower pace. Or I should say mine, since Theo runs back and forth at much higher bursts of speed!

Right now the Oyster Point section of the trail is especially beautiful. They did a controlled burn there earlier this year and everything was black. Now spring is taking over and beautiful green ferns are growing up out the dark black ground. Very striking. And now the marsh grasses are appearing purple! Just breathtakingly beautiful... Here's a photo which doesn't do it justice. (If you click on the photo it makes it a bit bigger, which helps). I'm trying to capture a glimpse of it in a few paintings I'm working on. I hope I can convey some part of the beauty that's there...

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