Monday, September 13, 2010

Woo hoo!

Had a great show at the Sidewalk Arts Festival last week-end in Sioux Falls. Sold a couple landscapes during the show, and then took a painting on approval at the end of the show to a couple who lived nearby. They ended up buying four paintings! Lots of fun. The paintings really looked good in their house... also got a couple commissions from the show and the interest of a local gallery owner, at Sticks and Steel. I will take some landscapes for her to display at the October 1st artwalk.

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Congratulations Sally so glad the show went well for you. I like the guys painting very much and makes me feel good that your having fun with it. The Nickel idea is great too - I worked with the diamond square a lot but have only worked with the circle in relationship to the Ying and the Yang. It was a collaboration I did with some friends a few years back