Friday, August 13, 2010

New work in Progress

I've been enjoying painting western landscapes, but have been feeling a hankering to paint some faces again (always seem to come back to that)... so decided it might be fun while I'm out west to try a painting of the faces of Mount Rushmore. Then I thought of my Pride and Prejudice painting in which I painted the face over a collage of the pages of the book. I'm gonna paint the faces over the writings of the presidents depicted.

Once I came up with the idea, I've been having all sorts of fun researching the writings and searching for archives of the actual handwriting of the presidents (Washington, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson). I found a wealth of info at the Library of Congress, including the image above which was in a letter to Roosevelt as a child from his father. I also found the Gettysburg address in Lincoln's handwriting. Way cool... Now to collage it all together coherently and then paint the faces... stay tuned.

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Jean Baardsen said...

What a great idea! Hope you have a lot of fun with it. And enjoy your trip out west. You certainly have developed wanderlust!