Sunday, February 21, 2010

She loves it!

Yay! I presented the painting to Kellylee Evans last night and she really did seem to love it. She is such a wonderful person - full of life and bubbling with good energy. She reminds me of my dear friend and model Ray. I hope that Kellylee and I can stay in touch. Her husband was wonderful too, although he took a funky photo of me!

Her incredible voice is even better live. So strong, clear and moving. So glad to have found out about her. I thought of something I wish I'd thought of sooner (isn't it always like that!) - when I look at the painting and the transition from cool blues to the warm golden colors: "Kellylee, you sure do know how to warm up those blues."

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Jean Baardsen said...

How could she have not loved it? It's beautiful!!